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At SMG, we're more than just a tech company – we're a family bound by a shared passion for innovation and a commitment to your success. Our story began in 2012, when General Abdelfattah Eladl, brought a unique blend of experience to the table. With a distinguished military background, he honed skills in leadership, organization, efficiency and innovation. This experience translated seamlessly into the world of technology, where he thrived as the manager of the Military Microfilm Center in Egypt (MMC) since 2006. It was here that General Abdelfattah recognized the transformative power of technology and the need for efficient and secure solutions., decided to bridge the past and future by securing the legal documents and transforming old data into powerful assets for informed decision-making. Driven by the belief that technology empowers individuals and businesses, SMG was born.

Bridging the Past, Present, and Future: Your Information Management Partner Since 2010.

At SMG, we're passionate about safeguarding your legacy and empowering your digital future. We're a one-stop shop for all your information management needs, specializing in both traditional and cutting-edge solutions.

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Empowering organizations to preserve their legacy and unlock the potential of their information, for today and generations to come.
This vision statement emphasizes SMG's commitment to providing solutions that not only safeguard valuable information but also make it accessible and useful for the future.


SMG delivers innovative digital and microfilm archiving solutions, coupled with exceptional website design and development services. We are dedicated to becoming your trusted partner in information management, ensuring its security, accessibility, and long-term value.
This mission statement outlines SMG's core services (archiving and website development) and highlights their dedication to being a reliable partner for information management. It emphasizes the importance of security, accessibility, and long-term value for their clients' information.
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